About Us!

Who are we?


Joe Mertz

President / Executive Producer
An expert in the industry, leading all production operations through decades of event and technical experience. Manages project development from conception to completion, ensuring artistic and technical standards are met.

Juan Cantu

Creative Director
Brings years of experience in theatre, events and vocal music to lead creative development, writing, directing, casting and all creative aspects of production.

Alec Stone

Technical Producer
A technical expert in the industry, delivering innovative solutions to all projects. Leads all on-site technical staff and suppliers to ensure all aspects of every production are operating at peak levels.

Mark Motter

Oversees all aspects of every project, giving full support to the executive producer, technical director and all production operations staff ensuring budgetary constraints are met while providing quality creative content.

Kristen Nihls

Show Operations Director / Choreographer
Responsible for all facets of entertainment operations, utilizing years of experience to provide excellence in production including expertise in dance to lead choreography.

Kyle Mattingly

Music Director
Brings a music degree in piano coupled with years of accompanying and directing singers to oversee all music projects.

Cheryl Pucci

Costume Designer/Manager
Balances quality with budget to ensure artistic and financial integrity. Oversees all costume-based tasks while leading design, construction and maintenance of the wardrobe.

Clay Gootgeld

Media Designer
Years of interactive media design experience comes to life through the creation of every program. Using text, data, graphics, sound, animation and other digital visual effects to develop the most cutting-edge media for videos, presentations, and websites.

Nicole Halili

Production Coordinator
Works directly with every member of the production team to fulfill practical, everyday production needs.

Mertz Productions
13538 Village Park Dr. #235
Orlando, FL 32837
(407) 852-2315