Kyle Mattingly


Kyle originally started his life as a classical piano major in college and quickly learned that playing Beethoven won't pay the bills. Since then, he's figured out how to learn a wide variety of other skills and it's this continual learning that found him a place at Mertz Productions.

He's worked with the Walt Disney Company as an arranger, pianist and music director and has freelanced for many other artists and organizations. Some of his musical highlights include conducting an orchestra recording at Abbey Road Studios, playing with many broadway stars, and music directing for Viking Ocean Cruises. It's Viking Ocean Cruises that brought Kyle into contact with Mertz Productions and started a friendship with the entire Mertz team.

Kyle's curiosity and desire to keep learning makes him the perfect Mertz Productions team member. He loves changing and adapting to the needs of each client and finding the resources and artistry needed to convey our clients message. It's this mingling of technology, artistry and message that keeps Kyle motivated as he organizes the many details needed to pull off a successful event or campaign for our clients.

When he's not working a production or behind a piano, Kyle likes to plan adventures for his nieces and nephews, play tennis, and explore new and tasty food with his wife, Sarah! They are new residents of Colorado Springs and, because Kyle has never before lived in cold weather, he's adding one more skill to his life - shoveling snow!!

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